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A group of U.S. senators - four Republicans and four Democrats - have introduced an immigration reform proposal that's a major step forward to fixing our broken immigration system. The bill is supported by President Barack Obama and many prominent Republicans.

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What is comprehensive immigration reform?
Our immigration system helped create the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen, but we need to fix it! We can fix it while strengthening America's economy, making our country safer, modernizing the system to allow more immigrant entrepreneurs into the America to start their businesses here, and creating an earned, but fair path to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans.
Why are we addressing immigration reform now?
Our immigration system makes us stand out heads and shoulders above the rest of the world, but it's outdated and in deep need of reform. Voters of all backgrounds whose communities are impacted by the nation's outdated immigration system rocked the 2012 election. Now, Republicans and Democrats are pushing for reform, but nothing is for certain. The only way immigration overhaul will happen is if you, your family, friends and community, demand it!
I'm ready for immigration reform.
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Mark Warner
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Ted Cruz
Lady Gaga
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Warren Buffett
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Bill Clinton
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George Takei
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