2013 Survey Results!



We asked the VL community what your dreams for 2013 are.

We got back amazing responses -- more than 1,000 surveys taken, and even more written responses to our questions.

There's an overarching theme -- our community wants equality for all Americans, regardless of gender, sex, race, and family story. Here's some of your dreams in your own words:

"Resolving the Fiscal Cliff Dilemma -less taxes for middle class -Let the wealthy pay their share"

"Educational Opportunity for all who want it!"

 "Have affordable medical treatment for all Americans."

"Funding education, especially in urban schools that need it most."

 "Access to good jobs"

"To afford the school that I want to go to without many loans.  To find a job that I can balance school and other activities, wage equality.  To travel, all people regardless of economic disadvantages should get a chance to get out of where they live and see the world."

"That more Latinos and Latinas become members of their local city councils, run for office in their state legislature and become President of the US"

"No more political brinkmanship between Congress and the Executive branch."

"Greater inclusion in civil and political life for hispanics and immigrants. A greater voice even for those who are undocumented. Economic opportunities and self-sufficiency."

"To be able to educate all Latinos and everyone else about the importance of participating in our democracy. Also access to higher learning for all."

"That everyone here, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and immigration status gets treated with dignity."

"That we stop labeling people and do what is right for all of the country.  We all want the same things for our families and our country.  We need leaders that understand and care too."

"Jobs, investing in infrastructure and education, Climate change, dream act, reproductive rights, LGBT, medicare and medicaid programs, SNAP. hunger, modification of home mortgages. So many things to do and a do nothing congress.  Let's get folks motivated and act."

"To find a better job so that I can support my son and I without needing help from others."

"Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  So my wife to be can come out of the shadow, leave the border area, and treated like the fantastic human being that she deserves to be treated.  I will not stop fighting for reform until justice is done for her and the millions like her! "


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