GOP Debate in Florida: What to Expect



Just when we thought Mitt Romney had all but secured the GOP’s nomination, Newt Gingrich turned prevailing logic on its head by winning the South Carolina primary on Saturday. The Republican race is now as competitive as it has been in the last couple of months; Romney now has to deal with a newly-resurgent Gingrich.

In light of the state’s primary next Tuesday, the candidates are turning their attention to Florida. The second debate in the Sunshine State, the first was held yesterday, is scheduled for Thursday and will air on CNN and CNN En Español and is co-sponsored by the Hispanic Leadership Network and the Republican Party of Florida.

Only four candidates are left: former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Texas congressman Ron Paul, and former Senator of Pennsylvania Rick Santorum.

Given how badly the recession hurt the average Floridian, expect a lot of questions regarding the candidates’ credentials and ability to deal with country’s current economic climate; the candidates could have to deal with questions about the housing market’s current slump and their stance on the country’s immigration issue.

How will Romney deal with Gingrich’s sudden rise back to the top of the polls? Tune in on Thursday for what promises to be an exciting, and not to mention snippy, debate.

Watch the GOP Debate live on CNN Thursday, January 26 at 6PM PT/9PM ET. —Erick Pleitez

Erick Pleitez is a Data & Research Associate at Voto Latino. He provides research, communications, and operations support for our various initiatives and voter registration campaigns. A graduate of Cornell University with a BA in Government, his weekly Politics 101 column breaks down the complexities of what’s happening in the world so everyday folks can understand.

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