Catholic Church Gets It Again, Selena Remembered




In what can only be considered another backwards move by the leaders of the Catholic Church, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, released a report criticizing the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) who represent the nuns, for not following the homophobic principles of the Catholic church and not being vocal critics of abortion and doing too much work helping the poor.  It’s clear that it’s the male leaders of the Church who should be following example set forth by the sisters.  The bishops came out against President Obama’s healthcare bill, while many nuns were advocates of the President’s healthcare initiative, since millions of uninsured individuals will now have access to affordable healthcare. The bishops were shortsighted and were only concerned about abortion funding.  Due to the scathing report, the Leadership Conference is going to be subjected strict regulation of their operations.  I’m sending a chanclaso to Catholic Church leaders who conducted the review on the LCWR.  


This past week would have marked Selena’s 41st birthday.  I never got to meet Selena, nor did I get to see her concert, but the thing with Selena is that anyone could have met her because Selena era de la gente.  She was approachable, she knew the struggles of neustras familias, and she was immensely talented.  Selena was the real deal and she was going  I’ll always remember my favorite moment from the Selena film starring Jennifer Lopez - when Selena is at the mall and word quickly spreads to all the workers that Selena esta aqui! Selena esta aqui! and a mob forms and everyone wants to be around her. The Mexican-American icon was the real deal and had numerous #1 pop hits including Baila Esta CumbiaNo Debes Jugar, y La Carcacha.  Selena could also do right by the Mexican rancheras - Que CreíasTu Solo Tu, o Siempre Hace Frio, to name of a few of the countless Selena hits.  I’m absolutely giddy that a local Washington, DC establishment is honoring Selena on cinco de Mayo and if you’re in town, you should come.  Selena forever!

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